Friday, October 29, 2010


Ok I know it has been a bit since I have blogged, We have been crazy busy around here with the move back to vegas...gettting kids in new schools and oh yea the business that is one crazy busy aspect of our life lately. Vintage Lucys continues to grow and we are really trying to figure things out around here .....we are so happy with the growth of the company but a little frustrated with trying to get things to run smooth and efficient but we have come this far and Im sure it will be running smooth very soon!

The reason I am blogging besides updating you all is the adorable pictures of my customers! I only actually sat down to blog just to get this adorable brother and sister pair up on my blog for you all to get a glimpse of them wearing vintage lucys! The amazing little bulldog dress and chopper tee can be purchased at

I have so many more pictures of customers to post I just really need to find the time to get all of the gorgeous pics up on my blog.....I reallly do enjoy the pictures this is as ive said one hundred times before the best part of my business!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New additiions!

New additions to my family that is :) I was so sad after the loss of my two cats a few mos ago and I really felt a void with out them. I guess you can call me a cat lady lol as I made the decision to get my daughter bailey a free kitty shes a mix but she looks like the most beautiful siamese and she has the sweetest personality ever. Bailey named this little one may and she has brought such smiles to our house!

The second addition is a cat I named Zukko..well actually bailey named him but I liked it as it reminded me of grease but I guess its an avatar as bailey informed me lol. Zukko is a beautiful savannah cat and he is a little larger than you average cat as he is mixed with a wild african serval! This cat is the most amazing and loveable animal I have ever met...He even plays fetch with a ball and is walking on the leash {very fast learner}. Ok I dont want to bore you to death but just wanted to share my new kitties!