Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The ugly side of the boutique business!

REASON FOR THIS POST is because this company is publicly defaming us!

Lets just start a couple months ago on a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles fabric district in Good old california! Me and my assistants went out fabric shopping for trims and fabrics and what ever else we could find in this crafters haven. We are on the look out for of course anything with a vintage feel to it and something that we could introduce in our line to go under our dresses as we have requests all the time for bottoms lol.

Well I found the perfect fabric its a ruffled poly nylon and comes in an array of colors and looks like what they used to make sunsuits out of when my mom was a little girl in the 40's and 50's and it is marketed and made to be used for swimsuits, lingerie and leggings per the manufacturer so duh of course I want it ....leggings of course we are shopping for bottoms and now I have scored and ordered thousands of dollars of this beautiful fabric and wait for delivery.

In the mean time I make a few posts about my find and what shall I make with it because I love my customers feedback and it was great. Well then comes the ugly a seller had contacted me a few days before telling me how she knows alot of girls that copy me are just jealous { i have all screenshots via etsy convos of this} I of course thank her for this comment and move on...little to my knowledge did I know she worked with ruffle fabric so about 3 days later I do another preview of the fabric on facebook and here she comes bombarding my page with comments refering my customers to purchase these pants anywhere except for vintage lucys yet when I confront her she tells me she is helping me out????? Are you serious helping me out you are trying to steal my business and then the emails...I YI YI the emails did not stop she went on a rampage about the ruffled fabric and how she must think she owns it and nobody can use it but here...well at least not vintage lucys in her eyes...but wait doesnt the manufacturer in los angeles market this as a legging fabric...why yes they do and I am going to continue to use them as this is a pretty universal fabric and pattern and I will not be bullied by her into not making them....she is now going around saying she is a victim of vintage lucys.

This post is just to let you know there is a very ugly side to this business especially if you are even a bit sucessful all the jealousy comes out and then the no talent that wants to take a ride on the coat tails of a successful shop and believe me thats another story but we have been harassed by 3 shops over a two year period that are all connected together and copy and try to put down our business.

Thankfully we have the most wonderful customers who support original handmade products and of course the terrible wait it can be to get the goodies and we fully understand that our customers are our success and we love ya. xoxo