Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New years!

I finally have time to sit down and have a cup of coffee and update you all! I know that my blog has been a little forgotten lately and that would be due to facebook...there are just way to many venues these days with social networking but they are all good :) Anyways this has just been a crazy crazy year we moved to another state, opened a store, moved back to vegas and in the mean time Vintage Lucys was just bursting at the seams and we could not control Nor keep up with it {thats a good thing}.

We had a very very hard time keeping up with all of the retail orders along with our stockists and are hoping for a much smoother year...I want to THANK all of you who patiently waited for orders and mishaps while we tried our best to accomodate the vast amount of orders we where getting.

2011 is very exciting for us we have so much planned for Vintage Lucys and hope to expand our business a bit more and have also employed some peeps to help with the work load this year {major sigh of relief by me} Anyways I wish you all a happy new years and hope you stop by in time to take a peek at our VALENTINE DRESSES

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Just a little note! You can no longer order items With vintage lucys and recieve them in time for the holidays effective 12/9/2010! We have had a tremendous amount of shoppers this holiday season and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting vintage lucys {original Handmade} and wish you all a very happy holiday seas...on!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Ok I know it has been a bit since I have blogged, We have been crazy busy around here with the move back to vegas...gettting kids in new schools and oh yea the business that is one crazy busy aspect of our life lately. Vintage Lucys continues to grow and we are really trying to figure things out around here .....we are so happy with the growth of the company but a little frustrated with trying to get things to run smooth and efficient but we have come this far and Im sure it will be running smooth very soon!

The reason I am blogging besides updating you all is the adorable pictures of my customers! I only actually sat down to blog just to get this adorable brother and sister pair up on my blog for you all to get a glimpse of them wearing vintage lucys! The amazing little bulldog dress and chopper tee can be purchased at

I have so many more pictures of customers to post I just really need to find the time to get all of the gorgeous pics up on my blog.....I reallly do enjoy the pictures this is as ive said one hundred times before the best part of my business!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New additiions!

New additions to my family that is :) I was so sad after the loss of my two cats a few mos ago and I really felt a void with out them. I guess you can call me a cat lady lol as I made the decision to get my daughter bailey a free kitty shes a mix but she looks like the most beautiful siamese and she has the sweetest personality ever. Bailey named this little one may and she has brought such smiles to our house!

The second addition is a cat I named Zukko..well actually bailey named him but I liked it as it reminded me of grease but I guess its an avatar as bailey informed me lol. Zukko is a beautiful savannah cat and he is a little larger than you average cat as he is mixed with a wild african serval! This cat is the most amazing and loveable animal I have ever met...He even plays fetch with a ball and is walking on the leash {very fast learner}. Ok I dont want to bore you to death but just wanted to share my new kitties!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Ok girls Im going to do something fun...every tenth order that is placed today will get a pair of black lacey karate pants for free...yep for free. I will announce all winners via email and post on the blog and face book :) Orders must be placed and paid for at

French lace tank is beautiful

This tank is Part of Vintage lucys Minuit bloom line meaning {midnight bloom} in french. It is a gorgeous coco color with beautiful lace accents and a bold pink rose flower that is removable for laundering. This tank will go with any piece in this collection and is available here for adults and children and it can be ordered in long sleeves for the winter mos ahead.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fabulous hoodies

I have just introduced hoodies into my line and have put one in the new fall winter collection called {koi} and I must say it is a head turner! I used an american apparel hoodie and accented it with some beautiful lace and a bold aqua rose {for that vintage touch} and I lined the hood in a retro designer fabric. I have lots more coming soon can get this for children and adults here.

Lacey bloom dress

Minuit bloom fall/winter collection has arrived and is online to purchase today! This a fabulous piece out of the collection, I just love the romantic colors that make up the flowers in this one and the big shabby aqua rose breaks up the color a bit. You can purchase this dress by clicking here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sneak peak of yumminess as the {photographer} said!

Minuit bloom {fall/winter collection} coming September 1st 2010. I named this collecton Minuit bloom ={ Midnight bloom in french} because I used french inspired graphics for my tshirts and started adding romantic laces and trims to them along with bold floral fabrics with colors that are perfect for the fall. All of the pieces in the collecton can pretty much be mixed and matched with each piece. This is a small collection but I think you may enjoy it. I am also so excited to have Amy Childers shooting the collection!

Goodbye to my most precious babies.

It is a sad month around here after the loss of our two cats Roo {15 year old cat} and Tye our 6 year old bengal cat. We moved back to vegas the beginning of July to a different area that we where not to familiar with and sadly there are coyotes here but the city does not bother to post any signs around letting people know or new residents to the area.
My cat tye went missing after 2 weeks of being here and I was hoping he was just lost or turned around and me and the kids put up signs all over the area and offered a reward on craigslist and have been to the humane society on many occasions looking for him.
Well a few weeks later roo went out for his nightly sitting on the porch routine after the day cooled down that is what he loved to do and sadly I was exhausted and went to bed and did not realize he didnt come back in. This normally would not be big deal unless I knew the surroundings where so dangerous. When I realized the next morning he was gone I knew it was not good....This cat lived and breathed with me he was my baby he would be with me all day long and wake me up with a headbut and big purr for the last 15 years.
I was informed by many people on craigslist and the neighborhood that they see the coyotes come out at dusk and wander the park where my kids play WHAT are you kidding and no signs posted anywhere to warn parents of coyotes...this is crazy the city of henderson!!! Well this is a rambling post so I will stop now just wanted to post pics and say goodbye to my beautiful pets that will be dearly missed and I will never forget the way that they had to leave the earth :(

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New house :)

As some of you may know I moved back to las vegas this month and let me tell you it wasnt easy this time lol. We drove over 18 hours with 5 kids and a couple pets. The drive was beautiful we took the route where we went through donners pass which I must say in a moving truck it was quiet bumpy and kind of scary! When we arrived it was probably about 102 degrees outside which was perfect as it is a dry heat and feels more like high 80s.

I just wanted to share pics of my kids playing in the pool last weekend as I did get to spend the day off work and enjoy the pool with them. I cant believe how fast they grow My oldest son is going to be driving very soon Eeek that is going to be fun right {lol}. Anyways I love my new house and im just getting furniture arrived yesterday {lots of my antique furniture did not survive the move this time}. Hope you all are having a great summer with your family.

A Sale you do not want to miss!

Love our tshirts....Then you dont want to miss this sale! Monday July 26th we will be giving 50% off all printed tshirts on so get ready and stock up :) No coupon code needed just add to the cart and check out. Sale starts at 5 am for your early birds and goes until midnight pacific standard time

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Retro Pedal car Giveaway!!!

Ok I must say this is a really {awesome giveaway} and I tried to make the entry easy for everyone to obtain! I wanted to reward you girls in some way and thought this was a great idea...I know some of you have to wait weeks to get your orders as they are all handmade and even though I would like to get them all out to you asap it just doesnt happen. Vintage Lucys has really grown and im trying to adjust as best as I can and its a bit challenging for me so needless to say I would like to thank you all for your {patience and loyalty} to Vintage lUcys :)

Heres the Scoop below:

To enter into the drawing to win one of the pedal cars below at 249.00 value {you may pay to upgrade} then you must have the item shipped within the USA or pay for the extra shipping which can be exspensive out of the usa. This is how it will work For every 50.00 {excluding shipping} spent at between ...August 1st until August 15th will be entered into the drawing so every $50.00 will get you an entry :) I will pick the winner august 16th and have the car shipped to you that week. I am going to do the drawing the old fashioned way I will write your email addy down on a paper and put in a large bowl and my lovely daughter peyton will be doing the drawing via video that I will post for ya. Sound fair?? Then get to shopping and I wish you all the best of luck :)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Magic show 2010

We have been so very busy this year as Vintage Lucys has grown alot. We have started a trunk show program this year and have high hopes for it but in the mean time we still focus on wholesale and will be going into another showroom this year in Los angeles! We will also be representing our own line at the Magic show in august which is in Las vegas nevada and its a market where buyers and boutique owners go to scout out new products and lines! We have some exciting new products that we will introduce to the market as well as online soon. Wish me luck as we are trying our hardest to get our line in the show for august {lets see if time permits this} Just wanted to share my exciting news with you!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ice Cream party!!!

Ok I thought since today was beautiful and sunny I would list my {authentic} Ice Cream party tshirt . Such an adorable print any little girl is sure to love and it is professionally printed by VL not a cheap iron on that will fade crack and peel on you {guranteed} Come on over to my etsy shop if you would like to purchase this in a tee or even comes in adults and you can find it here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blue skies are waiting

Well I am leaving Portland Oregon after relocating here 9 mos ago. Oregon is a {beautiful place} and there is a reason for it being so green and its a thing called rain and lots of gray skies! I didnt think it would bother me but being raised in a Southern California beach community and then later moving to sunny Las Vegas it has...I so crave the sun and so does my family so we are hitting the road in the wee hours of Tuesday morning to go back to good ol Las vegas and I have a house with a nice pool waiting for me ;) I Loved loved loved opening up Vintage lucys boutique on alberta street and had such fun I mean I didnt even get the ball rolling on it before I decided I was going to high tail it back to vegas...Which is totally ok with me as I can make that happen where ever I go and I have something much better in mind but its a secret! So with that said wish me luck on an 18 hour drive with 5 kids and yes a few furry friends are coming along too lol.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun!!!

Yesss Summer is finally here and what better place to come for your sweet summer dresses {Vintage Lucy's} of course! Come browse around in my etsy shop for some fun and comfortable dresses! This photo actually inspired me to post this thanks to one of my Fabulous customers {jaimie} and her beautiful daughter!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The leopard dress

This is a brand new addition to Vintage Lucys and I just love it....So funky and delicate all in one cute dress! The cut is a {classic A line} and I added a very unique lace and satin netting and a big shabby flower that is removable for laundering. This dress is adorable alone for summer and just as cute in the winter layered over a long sleeve shirt, leggings and boots! Want it then comment below as its not available online yet so be the first to get your little girl in this unique dress. Retails for 54.00

Monday, June 14, 2010

We will be closing!!

So We have made a decision that we will be moving out of state next month so that means We will be closing up shop from July 3rd 2010 - July 12th 2010. You may still place orders but they will not be processed between those dates. Please check back around August as we will be releasing our Fall/winter line around that time :) Remember we do home trunk shows and have Trunk Queens waiting to assist you on having a successful home trunk party so please contact me for more info :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sneeky Peeky................

Ok I just wanted show you a little preview of whats to come! None other than Boys snap shirts by Vintage lucys! My favorite is the Polkadots...I got alot of {not so interested} replies to dots but trust me he will be so handsome with some cuffed up dark levis or some board shorts and flip flops for summer! Please check back soon I will have many many retro inspired prints available in these cute shirts...oh and must not forget the cute pearl snap {lead free} they even have a pocket to keep small treasures in :) The will be available from size 12 mos up to 16 youth

Retail for $42.00

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The winner for the 4th of july tshirt is........

The winner for the giveaway is careytalbright Please email me at to claim your item! I would like to thank you all for your entries and comments they will come in good use and are greatly appreciated...please stop by my blog on a regular basis to see whats new and One item I can say im making and have had for awhile is the trailer camping shirt just didnt have time to make it but I will surely do it now for you girls :)