Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boutique Childrens Clothing studio

As we start to wrap up the year 2011 alls I can say is Boy oh boy what a year we have had here at Vintage Lucys! We had moved into a much needed larger studio this year located in las vegas nevada where we handmake all of the items you see on our website.

The majority of our items are shipped out worldwide as we supply many high end boutiques and we have managed to keep the boutique stockists growing each year with alot of hard work I might add. We are also thrilled with the photos our customers post on our fb page and send to us in emails with little notes of encouragement and how they absolutly love The Vintage Lucys Clothing line and I must say that is the best part of my job and I love you for sending those to me!

With the closing of this year we are excited about the year 2012 as we have so much planned for Vintage lucys and have had the chance to meet and work with some amazing people. We will have a few new people joining our team this year to make Vl run smoother and grow into the label that it truley is. We will have a head of marketing, a new Trunk Queen™ Coordinator and a new assistant that is going to revamp all of our technical things around here :) Again I would like to thank you all who follow my page and purchase items from my handmade line you are amazing.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Drum Roll please.............


First I would like to say thank you to all of you who participated in this giveaway! I rely on my customers word of mouth as its our best advertising and I thank you for that. Ok now to the important stuff like ummm our new Rocker Chic collection that is being released tomorrow! I must admit I had so much fun making this one as I am an 70-80's child {eek}.

This Collection is fun and funky and I know from feedback the little girls love this one and thats what is really important right. Ok so I did random.org and the number is 59 Woohoo congrats to Mindy.Monday@yahoo.com you won a piece from this amazing little collection please contact me asap to claim this prize.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Trunk Queens™ Return

I am bringing back a fun and exciting adventure this year... My trunk shows had been in hiatus but we are bringing them back due to demand! I am looking for permanant trunk hosts my {Trunk Queens} will be a hand selected few by me personally. I want a close knit intimate group of girls who love my line and want to promote it and grow with my company.
Vintage lucys is bursting at the seams with orders we are in boutiques worldwide which is a hard thing to do and keep with the {handmade} aspect which we will always do.
We are in a warehouse to make room for assistants with the line and what better way to grow {home trunk shows}.
Grab your territory now before they get spoken for :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Koi fish dress


Our wonderfully funky koi fish dress is on sale Regular price $68.00 on sale this week for $48.00 this is an amazing dress layered for winter and alone for summer and the colors pop for photos! www.vintagelucys.com

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I must admit this is my favorite holiday besides christmas! It also holds a special place in my heart as this was my older brothers favorite holiday before he passed away...he would even decorate his car lol. We just moved so im not even unpacked all the way but I did manage to find time to decorate a tad bit and wanted to share with you {nothing special but fun} :)

I totally love halloween so feel free to post any of your pics on my facebook page...We did a cemetary in front of the house but the wind has managed to destroy it so when I get home today I will have to fix it all up before the trick or treaters come. Also did you know read below on the other halloween post as I am going to be doing a giveaway with halloween vl item pics :) Ok now off to sewing my new line I hope you all have a SPOOKTACULAR halloween :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Behind the scenes peek

We Have continued to grow this year and opened a brand new warehouse/studio in Las Vegas Nevada where we will be holding open studio events really soon as we are working hard on having enough stock not to disappoint any travelers :) With growth comes some pains and boy have we had ours as this started out as a small handmade business and eventually grew into what it is today as I employee 2 full time assistants and continue to grow. We have had alot of trial and errors but have managed to tackle each one and will continue to do so as needed. Did you know that when I source out I not only try to get all supplies from usa based manufacturers but I also try and use mom and pop business which one day just might help our economy out. {fingers crossed} Ok ok no politics on here.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog and hopefully purchashing something from my line for you or your little ones as your continued support is a blessing and It enables me to do what I absolutly have loved since childhood and that is design {I always love to create and design} Stay tuned as I will be posting a new line the end of next week.

Boo-tique Fun

Ok I am back to the old blog again! We had awesome halloween sales this year and I am so thankful and excited on how my little company has grown and its so nice to see customers from when I started 10 years ago along with new customers as well :)I must admit my most favorite part of my job is seeing the pictures you all post to my page I mean that is the best thing to see and I want to reward you for it by doing a fun contest ;) Either send a picture or post to my face book page of your little one or {adults} in a Vintage lucys halloween item and then comment below that you did so and on November 8th I will do a drawing and the winner will get an awesome gift.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If you have to do laundry it may as well be cute!

I know I have totally neglected my blog but we just had it spruced up a bit Thanks to Preshweb and I will now religeously blog {at least thats the plan} for now! Super excited to add some newly revamped washday tshirt to our fabulous line and also wanted to share the little photoshoot done by the wonderful LuLu photography in Tennesse! Pick up this tshirt at http://www.vintagelucys.com/

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The ugly side of the boutique business!

REASON FOR THIS POST is because this company is publicly defaming us!

Lets just start a couple months ago on a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles fabric district in Good old california! Me and my assistants went out fabric shopping for trims and fabrics and what ever else we could find in this crafters haven. We are on the look out for of course anything with a vintage feel to it and something that we could introduce in our line to go under our dresses as we have requests all the time for bottoms lol.

Well I found the perfect fabric its a ruffled poly nylon and comes in an array of colors and looks like what they used to make sunsuits out of when my mom was a little girl in the 40's and 50's and it is marketed and made to be used for swimsuits, lingerie and leggings per the manufacturer so duh of course I want it ....leggings of course we are shopping for bottoms and now I have scored and ordered thousands of dollars of this beautiful fabric and wait for delivery.

In the mean time I make a few posts about my find and what shall I make with it because I love my customers feedback and it was great. Well then comes the ugly a seller had contacted me a few days before telling me how she knows alot of girls that copy me are just jealous { i have all screenshots via etsy convos of this} I of course thank her for this comment and move on...little to my knowledge did I know she worked with ruffle fabric so about 3 days later I do another preview of the fabric on facebook and here she comes bombarding my page with comments refering my customers to purchase these pants anywhere except for vintage lucys yet when I confront her she tells me she is helping me out????? Are you serious helping me out you are trying to steal my business and then the emails...I YI YI the emails did not stop she went on a rampage about the ruffled fabric and how she must think she owns it and nobody can use it but here...well at least not vintage lucys in her eyes...but wait doesnt the manufacturer in los angeles market this as a legging fabric...why yes they do and I am going to continue to use them as this is a pretty universal fabric and pattern and I will not be bullied by her into not making them....she is now going around saying she is a victim of vintage lucys.

This post is just to let you know there is a very ugly side to this business especially if you are even a bit sucessful all the jealousy comes out and then the no talent that wants to take a ride on the coat tails of a successful shop and believe me thats another story but we have been harassed by 3 shops over a two year period that are all connected together and copy and try to put down our business.

Thankfully we have the most wonderful customers who support original handmade products and of course the terrible wait it can be to get the goodies and we fully understand that our customers are our success and we love ya. xoxo

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring is on its way

Get ready spring is on its way and what better place to come for your cute little spring summer dresses {Vintage Lucys of course}. I will be adding a ton of new styles this month so keep a look out. My dresses are great because they are machine washable and dryer safe and can be worn for years with leggings as they grow. So come on over by clicking here and check out my sweet unique collection just for your little one! Picture above is from one of my sweet customers and friend Amy childers photography and her beautiful children.

Valentines day tshirts!

With Valentines day quickly approaching I have released a ton of valentine printed tshirts available at Vintage Lucys online store. One of my all time favorite photos that a customer sent me is taken in our classic pirate tshirt which is great for valentines day and everyday for that matter! I am also so honored that Jennifer {mother of these beautiful children} submitted this photo and it won to make a cover of a national magazine! You can get the pirate series right here.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New years!

I finally have time to sit down and have a cup of coffee and update you all! I know that my blog has been a little forgotten lately and that would be due to facebook...there are just way to many venues these days with social networking but they are all good :) Anyways this has just been a crazy crazy year we moved to another state, opened a store, moved back to vegas and in the mean time Vintage Lucys was just bursting at the seams and we could not control Nor keep up with it {thats a good thing}.

We had a very very hard time keeping up with all of the retail orders along with our stockists and are hoping for a much smoother year...I want to THANK all of you who patiently waited for orders and mishaps while we tried our best to accomodate the vast amount of orders we where getting.

2011 is very exciting for us we have so much planned for Vintage Lucys and hope to expand our business a bit more and have also employed some peeps to help with the work load this year {major sigh of relief by me} Anyways I wish you all a happy new years and hope you stop by in time to take a peek at our VALENTINE DRESSES

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Just a little note! You can no longer order items With vintage lucys and recieve them in time for the holidays effective 12/9/2010! We have had a tremendous amount of shoppers this holiday season and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting vintage lucys {original Handmade} and wish you all a very happy holiday seas...on!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Ok I know it has been a bit since I have blogged, We have been crazy busy around here with the move back to vegas...gettting kids in new schools and oh yea the business that is one crazy busy aspect of our life lately. Vintage Lucys continues to grow and we are really trying to figure things out around here .....we are so happy with the growth of the company but a little frustrated with trying to get things to run smooth and efficient but we have come this far and Im sure it will be running smooth very soon!

The reason I am blogging besides updating you all is the adorable pictures of my customers! I only actually sat down to blog just to get this adorable brother and sister pair up on my blog for you all to get a glimpse of them wearing vintage lucys! The amazing little bulldog dress and chopper tee can be purchased at vintagelucys.com

I have so many more pictures of customers to post I just really need to find the time to get all of the gorgeous pics up on my blog.....I reallly do enjoy the pictures this is as ive said one hundred times before the best part of my business!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New additiions!

New additions to my family that is :) I was so sad after the loss of my two cats a few mos ago and I really felt a void with out them. I guess you can call me a cat lady lol as I made the decision to get my daughter bailey a free kitty shes a mix but she looks like the most beautiful siamese and she has the sweetest personality ever. Bailey named this little one may and she has brought such smiles to our house!

The second addition is a cat I named Zukko..well actually bailey named him but I liked it as it reminded me of grease but I guess its an avatar as bailey informed me lol. Zukko is a beautiful savannah cat and he is a little larger than you average cat as he is mixed with a wild african serval! This cat is the most amazing and loveable animal I have ever met...He even plays fetch with a ball and is walking on the leash {very fast learner}. Ok I dont want to bore you to death but just wanted to share my new kitties!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Ok girls Im going to do something fun...every tenth order that is placed today will get a pair of black lacey karate pants for free...yep for free. I will announce all winners via email and post on the blog and face book :) Orders must be placed and paid for at www.vintagelucys.com

French lace tank is beautiful

This tank is Part of Vintage lucys Minuit bloom line meaning {midnight bloom} in french. It is a gorgeous coco color with beautiful lace accents and a bold pink rose flower that is removable for laundering. This tank will go with any piece in this collection and is available here for adults and children and it can be ordered in long sleeves for the winter mos ahead.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fabulous hoodies

I have just introduced hoodies into my line and have put one in the new fall winter collection called {koi} and I must say it is a head turner! I used an american apparel hoodie and accented it with some beautiful lace and a bold aqua rose {for that vintage touch} and I lined the hood in a retro designer fabric. I have lots more coming soon ..you can get this for children and adults here.

Lacey bloom dress

Minuit bloom fall/winter collection has arrived and is online to purchase today! This a fabulous piece out of the collection, I just love the romantic colors that make up the flowers in this one and the big shabby aqua rose breaks up the color a bit. You can purchase this dress by clicking here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sneak peak of yumminess as the {photographer} said!

Minuit bloom {fall/winter collection} coming September 1st 2010. I named this collecton Minuit bloom ={ Midnight bloom in french} because I used french inspired graphics for my tshirts and started adding romantic laces and trims to them along with bold floral fabrics with colors that are perfect for the fall. All of the pieces in the collecton can pretty much be mixed and matched with each piece. This is a small collection but I think you may enjoy it. I am also so excited to have Amy Childers shooting the collection!

Goodbye to my most precious babies.

It is a sad month around here after the loss of our two cats Roo {15 year old cat} and Tye our 6 year old bengal cat. We moved back to vegas the beginning of July to a different area that we where not to familiar with and sadly there are coyotes here but the city does not bother to post any signs around letting people know or new residents to the area.
My cat tye went missing after 2 weeks of being here and I was hoping he was just lost or turned around and me and the kids put up signs all over the area and offered a reward on craigslist and have been to the humane society on many occasions looking for him.
Well a few weeks later roo went out for his nightly sitting on the porch routine after the day cooled down that is what he loved to do and sadly I was exhausted and went to bed and did not realize he didnt come back in. This normally would not be big deal unless I knew the surroundings where so dangerous. When I realized the next morning he was gone I knew it was not good....This cat lived and breathed with me he was my baby he would be with me all day long and wake me up with a headbut and big purr for the last 15 years.
I was informed by many people on craigslist and the neighborhood that they see the coyotes come out at dusk and wander the park where my kids play WHAT are you kidding and no signs posted anywhere to warn parents of coyotes...this is crazy the city of henderson!!! Well this is a rambling post so I will stop now just wanted to post pics and say goodbye to my beautiful pets that will be dearly missed and I will never forget the way that they had to leave the earth :(