Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New years!

I finally have time to sit down and have a cup of coffee and update you all! I know that my blog has been a little forgotten lately and that would be due to facebook...there are just way to many venues these days with social networking but they are all good :) Anyways this has just been a crazy crazy year we moved to another state, opened a store, moved back to vegas and in the mean time Vintage Lucys was just bursting at the seams and we could not control Nor keep up with it {thats a good thing}.

We had a very very hard time keeping up with all of the retail orders along with our stockists and are hoping for a much smoother year...I want to THANK all of you who patiently waited for orders and mishaps while we tried our best to accomodate the vast amount of orders we where getting.

2011 is very exciting for us we have so much planned for Vintage Lucys and hope to expand our business a bit more and have also employed some peeps to help with the work load this year {major sigh of relief by me} Anyways I wish you all a happy new years and hope you stop by in time to take a peek at our VALENTINE DRESSES

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