Monday, April 12, 2010

Wow I didnt know............

I was contacted about a month ago by a sweet customer who was so relieved to find me and wrote me on how hard and long it was and I was so flattered that people have searched for my items! I have worked on Vintage lucys for some time now and have made a loyal following of customers and boutiques around the world and I am greatful for it and still love to hear customers stories and WOW they actually search for me. Ok so I have copied and pasted what she wrote {per her approval} it made my day so I just wanted to share with you all as word of mouth does help :)

Hi again! Now that I know they are american apparel, I will take them into the store to try them on this week! That way I will know for sure :). all started with a friend last summer hehe. She had a Vintage lucys shirt for her daughter, I asked where she got it and she said she found it at a consignment shop. She is the one who told me it was vintage lucys. I then searched relentlessly on Ebay to find out where to find the shirt, I had never heard of Etsy at this point. Fast forward a few unsuccessful months. I then had one of my favorite Ebay sellers list a lot of 3 vintage lucy shirts, but WAY too big. I asked her where she bought them and she said she had no idea as they were a gift. I was getting frustrated at this point hehe. In November, I joined a message board and FINALLY someone there was able to give me my answer. SO , I discovered Etsy today..and I don't see me going back. I wish I had known about this site sooo long ago, I would have had so much fun!! Now it's time to make up for lost time =). First on the agenda was to find the shirt..and I'm SO glad I have!! I feel accomplished for the day hehe. And while looking through your things, I fell in love with the Tough Girl shirt for my youngest. She's a rough and tumble little girl hehe..and it suits her personality amazingly! Sorry..that was really long!!! Well, I will get them to try on the shirts at some point in store this week and get right back to you...I'm thrilled needless to say! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :)

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